Imnica Mail in 2011

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Happy New Year 2011!

From all of us here at Imnica Mail, we would like to wish you, your family and your business, the most amazing year ever for 2011! May all your dreams, whishes, hopes, ambitions and goals become reality.

Thank you very much for your continued support. We have some great stuff in store for you in 2011!

Plans for 2011

We have some very big, and very ambitious plans for 2011. We know our competitors are watching, so, we’re ...

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New WordPress plugin for Imnica Mail

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Imnica Mail today released the second version of our WordPress plugin.

V0.2 is a major step forward for the plugin, and sets the ground work for massive future development in the new year.

Also with this release, we have moved away from downloading from our site, but, have moved the plugin to the site to ensure that you can also do automatic upgrades of the plugin when new version become available.

Click Here ...

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Imnica Mail State Of The Nation At 1

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I better apologize up front because this post is going to be WAY longer than usual. 😉



The state of the Imnica Mail nation is STRONG! 😉

Imnica Mail officially turns 1 today, and we thought we would give you a "state of the nation" of where Imnica Mail came from, what it did over the past year, and where we are heading.

Today, one year ago exactly, Imnica Mail changed from coming soon to come on ...

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Technical Difficulties – 29 June 2010

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For the past 12 hours, NO email has been going out from Imnica Mail servers.

This is due to a fault on our main database server which is receiving URGENT attention by our engineers.

Rest assured, ALL customer campaigns, opt-in confirmation emails, AutoResponder emails and signup emails ARE being queued for delivery! All the email WILL go out once the database server has been sorted.

At the same time, all signup’s to your lists are being captured.

We will update this post with new ...

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How to lose all credibility

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I have been marketing online for many years. Since 1997 to be exact.

I am STILL amazed at just how silly some marketers will get too seemingly make a quick buck.

Take the email message below which I received earlier today.

I have blacked out names and links to protect the "innocent". 😉

Let’s break down the message into what’s good, and what’s bad…

The good:

  • From: ...
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New Version Of Imnica Mail!

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It has been almost a year in the making, but, the new version of Imnica Mail has FINALLY launched!

Well, actually, it launched a couple of weeks ago, but, we’ve been SO busy with training videos, fixing minor issues, etc, etc, that we’ve just hung back on doing a proper post on the new version along with all the new features.

There has been over 180 improvements and additions to Imnica Mail. Many ...

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Coming soon in Imnica Mail: A/B Split Tests

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We are approaching to the end of the new Imnica Mail development and I believe it’s the right time to start revealing some new features in Imnica Mail.

A/B Split Testing is a useful marketing method. You simply create different “versions” of your email and send them to different groups of recipients. Then the system picks the winning email content and sends it to the rest of the recipients.

You will be able to set different versions of ...

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