How to lose all credibility

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I have been marketing online for many years. Since 1997 to be exact.

I am STILL amazed at just how silly some marketers will get too seemingly make a quick buck.

Take the email message below which I received earlier today.

I have blacked out names and links to protect the "innocent". 😉

Let’s break down the message into what’s good, and what’s bad…

The good:

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How to integrate Delavo with Imnica Mail

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We use Delavo as our central shopping cart for ALL of Imnica, including Imnica Mail.

We have had many requests from our customers to integrate Delavo with Imnica Mail.

It gives us great pleasure to provide you with this short guide.

You will need to get some information from your Imnica Mail account, and then set it up per package in your Delavo installation.

Let’s first grab the information from Imnica Mail.

Click on the ...

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