Happy Birthday Imnica Mail

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Today, exactly 5 years ago, Imnica Mail was “born”.

At the time, many people told me that I was out of my mind to enter such a crowded and competitive market, and, on some level they were right, but, not from a competition perspective, but, a technology perspective.

Wow, the past 5 years has been a massive learning experience. Predominantly on the technology front, but, very much on the business front as well.

We have made monumental mistakes, along with all the small ...

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ListID Field Display

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The ListID field is required whenever you use the API, or any of the software which integrates with Imnica Mail.

Up to now, it has not been the easiest thing in the world to find. You had to either over over the list name, and read it in the URL display at the bottom of the browser, or, you had to open the list, and get the number from the URL bar.

We just rolled out a small update ...

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Green lights across the board!

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Unless you have been living under a rock in the desert, you will know we had some serious issues with email sending the last 2 weeks.

We finally were able to upgrade the core servers this past weekend, and everything is now SUPER fast!

Just to give you some idea of how things have improved …

Before this upgrade, the absolute maximum messages we were able to deliver in an hour, per server, was around 350,000. Since this upgrade, we have not been ...

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Drastic Measures ….

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We’re not catching up as quickly as we need to.

This is NOT anyone’s fault, but, right now, mail is delayed by days, and not hours, and this is not good for anyone.

So, we need to take drastic measure here to 1st get caught up with the MTA reading in email.

This is what we HAVE to do right now to get things moving back to normal as quickly as possible…

As sent campaigns are now taking days, instead of hours to be ...

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Slow Sending …

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We are experiencing SLOW sending, and this time it is 100% our own fault.

Please allow me to explain what the problem is, and what we’re doing about it…..

Some of the explanation below get’s a little technical. Please bear with us, as it’s all important.

ALL of the issues below contribute to the slow sending in general. I will however start with the most severe one.

What I will do, is list the issue, and then what is being done to address the ...

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Please help us to help Japan

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By now we have all heard of, and seen images and videos of the terrible destruction in Japan, following the massive earth quake and tsunami.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all people affected by this terrible natural disaster.

We have put our heads together to see if we can make a sizeable contribution to one of the organizations which is helping Japan get back on it’s feet.

We no longer sell 100K lifetime accounts, but, we will put one of these accounts ...

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New Help Desk

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As you may have noticed, our Help Desk now looks very different from how it used to look.

We’re still using the same software from Kayako, but, now we’re using their latest version.

Not only that, but, we’ve moved the Help Desk off our server, and we’re not using Kayako‘s hosted solution.

This means that even if our whole system, with all our servers goes down, you will STILL be able to get to our ...

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Slow sending update – Resolved

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So, where are we at with the slow sending?

This past Sunday night, 6 March, we switched over to our MONSTER database server.

The immediate effect was nothing short of amazing!

Site loading speed in general, and sending speed in general has quadrupled!

We are over the moon with the dramatic speed increase!

We’re NOT resting on our laurels though! We’re still fine tuning our code, as well as the whole back-end infrastructure.

Not only that, but, we’re keeping a very close eye on everything, but, ...

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Important Update On Imnica Mail Current Status

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Please read this entire post as it contains very important information.

Right, where are we at with this SLOW database?

Our new super fast database server has arrived, and basic setup has been done.

This is also one of the main reasons for this post….

Due to the physical location of the current main Imnica Mail server, we will need to move it so that it is in the best possible place for the fastest possible speed to access the database server.

To do this, ...

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What’s going on with Imnica Mail?

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Let me give you a quick run down on what is happening at Imnica Mail right now.

Slow sending.

About a month ago, sending of email started slowing down considerably.

We have spent almost every waking moment, working on this issue. We had 3 teams working on this.

One was operating system, one was database, and one was the main Imnica Mail application.

All three groups worked like crazy and came up with all kinds of ideas as to what MAY be the issue.

Nothing ...

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