ListID Field Display

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The ListID field is required whenever you use the API, or any of the software which integrates with Imnica Mail.

Up to now, it has not been the easiest thing in the world to find. You had to either over over the list name, and read it in the URL display at the bottom of the browser, or, you had to open the list, and get the number from the URL bar.

We just rolled out a small update ...

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New Help Desk

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As you may have noticed, our Help Desk now looks very different from how it used to look.

We’re still using the same software from Kayako, but, now we’re using their latest version.

Not only that, but, we’ve moved the Help Desk off our server, and we’re not using Kayako‘s hosted solution.

This means that even if our whole system, with all our servers goes down, you will STILL be able to get to our ...

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Slow sending update – Resolved

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So, where are we at with the slow sending?

This past Sunday night, 6 March, we switched over to our MONSTER database server.

The immediate effect was nothing short of amazing!

Site loading speed in general, and sending speed in general has quadrupled!

We are over the moon with the dramatic speed increase!

We’re NOT resting on our laurels though! We’re still fine tuning our code, as well as the whole back-end infrastructure.

Not only that, but, we’re keeping a very close eye on everything, but, ...

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Important Update On Imnica Mail Current Status

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Please read this entire post as it contains very important information.

Right, where are we at with this SLOW database?

Our new super fast database server has arrived, and basic setup has been done.

This is also one of the main reasons for this post….

Due to the physical location of the current main Imnica Mail server, we will need to move it so that it is in the best possible place for the fastest possible speed to access the database server.

To do this, ...

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What’s going on with Imnica Mail?

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Let me give you a quick run down on what is happening at Imnica Mail right now.

Slow sending.

About a month ago, sending of email started slowing down considerably.

We have spent almost every waking moment, working on this issue. We had 3 teams working on this.

One was operating system, one was database, and one was the main Imnica Mail application.

All three groups worked like crazy and came up with all kinds of ideas as to what MAY be the issue.

Nothing ...

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Imnica Mail State Of The Nation At 1

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I better apologize up front because this post is going to be WAY longer than usual. 😉



The state of the Imnica Mail nation is STRONG! 😉

Imnica Mail officially turns 1 today, and we thought we would give you a "state of the nation" of where Imnica Mail came from, what it did over the past year, and where we are heading.

Today, one year ago exactly, Imnica Mail changed from coming soon to come on ...

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Technical Difficulties – 29 June 2010

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For the past 12 hours, NO email has been going out from Imnica Mail servers.

This is due to a fault on our main database server which is receiving URGENT attention by our engineers.

Rest assured, ALL customer campaigns, opt-in confirmation emails, AutoResponder emails and signup emails ARE being queued for delivery! All the email WILL go out once the database server has been sorted.

At the same time, all signup’s to your lists are being captured.

We will update this post with new ...

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New Version Of Imnica Mail!

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It has been almost a year in the making, but, the new version of Imnica Mail has FINALLY launched!

Well, actually, it launched a couple of weeks ago, but, we’ve been SO busy with training videos, fixing minor issues, etc, etc, that we’ve just hung back on doing a proper post on the new version along with all the new features.

There has been over 180 improvements and additions to Imnica Mail. Many ...

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