Logging In

Logging in to Imnica Mail


An overview of the Imnica Mail dashboard

Subscriber Lists

An overview of subscriber lists

Creating New Lists

How to create a new list

Global Suppression List

An overview of the global suppression list

Deleting A List

How to delete a list

Modifying a mailing list

Understand all the list options and settings

Understanding List Options

More on list options

Custom Fields

Understanding and working with custom fields


Understanding and working with AutoResponders

Browsing Subscribers

Browsing and managing subscribers

Campaign Overview

An overview of a campaign

Creating a campaign

Detailed step by step instructions on creating and sending a campaign

Understanding the Campaign Dashboard

Campaign dashboard in detail

Campaign Functions

Tags, Delete, Compare Performance

Public Archive

Creating a public archive of your campaigns

Campaign Statistics

Campaign Statistics in detail

Sharing a Campaign to Social Networks

How to share a campaign on social networks

Exporting Reports

Exporting and working with campaign reports

Using the template builder

Get to know the template builder in depth

Working with RSS

How to use RSS

Working with Segments

Segments in detail