• How do I see the unconfirmed subscribers on my double opt-in list?

    1. Click on the list name

    2. Click on subscriber actions

    3. Click on Browse subscribers

    4. Click on the blue bar that says: Click here for search filtering options.

    5. Click on add new rule –> Subscription status

    6. Select Is –> Opt-In Pending.

    7. Click on Apply Filter button.

    You will now see all your non-confirmed subscribers for that list.

  • How do I create a Subscription Form?

    To do that, you click on Lists in the top menu, then you click on your list name, then on the list overview screen, there is a large button top right which says: Create Subscription/Unsubscription form.

    That’s the 1 you need.

    Remember also you need to create custom fields for First Name and Last Name, as well as any other fields you want to capture. These need to be created prior to creating the form.

    On the form creation page, select the extra fields you want on the form, and click Generate HTML.

    This will give you the HTML form code. You can of course pretty up this form code as much as you want, as it is standard HTML.