Sending a campaign is also sometimes referred to as broadcast. Sending a campaign is the correct terminology though.

1. Click on “Campaigns” in the main menu.

2. Click the “Create New Campaign” button.


Campaign Name This can be anything you want. This name is seen only be you.

Recipients Select the list(s) you want to send to. If you have segments, those will show here as well. Hold down the Cntrl button while clicking to select multiple lists.

A/B Split Testing A/B Split testing will covered in it's own document. Watch for the link here.

Publish this campaign in RSS feeds If you're publishing your campaigns on RSS to your subscribers as well, and you want this particular campaign published in the RSS feed, then you need to leave this box checked. It's checked by default.

Google Analytics Integration Want to track everything your subscriber does from clicking the link, right through your whole funnel? Then turn this on, and put in the domains for which there will be links in your email. Remember that the destination domain has to have the Google Analytics tracking code installed for this to work properly. ALSO be aware that the whole Google tracking code will be appended to the URL.

4. Now chose how you want to create your email. Each of the 4 options are self explanatory.

5. Enter your FROM Name and Email Address. Although you CAN set a different REPLY address, we HIGHLY recommend you leave it the same as the FROM address.

6. Now we come to the main content section where you enter your message.

7. You can send in HTML, Plain Text or BOTH. Please note that OPEN tracking ONLY works in HTML!

8. You can personalize the subject line if you wanted. Please note that USER tags are YOUR information! Subscriber information is for your list subscribers.

9. Clicking on the % sign brings up the personalization menu in the main editor. Please note that USER tags are YOUR information! Subscriber information is for your list subscribers.

10. You will not be able to send an message without including an Unsubscription link which is found under –> List Links

11. Now it’s time to review your Campaign.

Preview Campaign Content From here you can either send yourself a preview of your campaign, or just view it right there in your browser. We HIGHLY encourage you to send yourself a copy and confirm all links, etc are working!

Spam Filter Test The lower this score overall, the better. Anything over 7 is virtually guaranteed to NOT reach the Inbox.

Design Test From here you can use our design preview function.

12. Campaign has been saved, and now it’s time to schedule when the campaign will send.

13. Select future date, time and time zone to send the campaign.

14. Now you can also share the campaign on a host of social networks.