V0.2 of the Imnica Mail WordPress plugin has been released on 22 December 2010. This plugin comes with MANY new features, and it has been tested with the latest versions of WordPress and Imnica Mail.

As of this release, we will NOT be hosting the download any more. We have instead moved the download to WordPress.org, from where you can do automatic updates, etc. Full instructions for installation and configuration below.

1. Click on Add New under the Plugins menu in the Admin area of your WordPress installation.

2. Now search for ImnicaMail

3. Click on Install Now

4. Fill in your connection information for the automated install.

5. Now click on Activate Plugin

6. On the main left Admin Menu, you will now see an Imnica Mail Settings Box. Click on settings.

7. Settings are explained in detail below the image.

Default Styling Please turn this on for now, otherwise the opt-in box will look weird. We have this option so that our advanced users can use CSS styles to style the layout if they wanted to.

Imnica Mail Text This is on by default, and will place a powered by link underneath the opt-in box. The font is only 9 pixels, and you can even turn it into your affiliate link. See below for affiliate setting.

Use Image Button Do you rather want to use an image as the submit button?

Image URL Put the FULL URL to your image to be used for the submit button.

Submit Button Text Change the Submit button text to anything you want.

Affiliate ID Here you can put in your affiliate ID. This is JUST the number. You got your affiliate ID when you joined Imnica Mail.

8. Now put in your Imnica Mail login details and click on Validate. You will see a yellow success bar at the top is all is well.

9. Select your list from the drop down and click on Generate Form. Uncheck the fields you don’t want. Drag and drop the fields to re-order, and then click on Save Changes.

10. Now click on Widgets under the Appearance menu item.

11. Select the Imnica Mail widget and drag it to the widget are you want to place it on your blog.

12. You can change the title of the widget as well.

13. The final product on your blog, along with the powered by text.