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Segmenting can help you group subscribers based on their custom information collected at signup or based on their activity.

Let’s say you collected the subscriber’s gender at signup and you would like to send a cosmetics promotion to only female subscribers, for this you can create a segment and send the promotion to only female subscribers.

Note: To collect your subscriber’s gender, you need to create a Gender Custom Field for your subscription form.

Here’s how to create a segment for only female subscribers:


  • 1. Click on “Segments”


    2. Click on “Create segment”


    3.1 Give your segment a name corresponding with the Gender, example Male.

    3.2 Select the list/lists which the segment should apply to.

    3.3 Choose “All rules”

    3.4 Select “Match by : Field”

    3.5 Select “Match by : Gender”

    3.6 Select the Gender, example Male

    3.7 Save your segment


    You can view all the male subscribers that’s subscribed to the list

    Now you can send your campaign to only Male subscribers by selecting the segment when you create your campaign.

    You can also create a segment for Female subscribers in same way as above, if you would like to send promotions to only women.

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