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Sometimes, your subscribers may not receive a confirmation email when they sign up to your double opt-in list (see Notes for single opt-in lists)

This issue may occur if your list settings are incorrect, or your confirmation email is not set up correctly.

This may happen for a variety of reasons:

1. Is Your Confirmation Email Setup Correctly?

The first thing you must check is if you have set up the confirmation email correctly.

Go to the Lists tab, and make sure that your List Name does NOT have this error:
This list doesn’t have a confirmation email set yet.

If you see that error message, it means that your confirmation email is not set up correctly.

To set it up, go to Lists and click on your list’s name.

Then, click on Settings.

Finally, click the Create Confirmation Email button and create your email.

Here is an example of a confirmation email that works well, and you can use the steps listed in this article to insert a confirmation link in your email.

2. Has Your Confirmation Email Been Saved?

Sometimes, you may set up the confirmation email but it may not have been saved by the system.

To check if that is case, go to the Lists tab, and click your List’s name.

Then, click on Settings.

Click the Edit Confirmation Email button.

Make sure that the From Name & Email fields are filled up with your details. Then, click on Next.

Check if your email content is present.

If not, try adding in the content and save your content. If it does not save the content, try creating a new list and create a confirmation email on that list.

If that doesn’t work either, please open a support ticket on our help desk.

3. Are You List Settings Correct?

It is possible that your list settings are incorrect.

To make sure your list is setup correctly, go to the Lists tab and click your list’s name.

Then, click on Settings.

Under ‘When someone subscribes to this list:’, make sure that you don’t have the same list’s name select for the ‘Unsubscribe them from:’ option.

This setting is used only when you want some to signup to this list and be unsubscribed from a different list (for example, when a free offer subscriber buys a product and is added to your buyer’s list, they would be unsubscribed from the free offer list using this setting).

4. Is Your Email Landing In the Spam Folder?

While we have a 98% to 99% delivery rate, it is possible that your confirmation email lands in the person’s spam folder which is why they aren’t able to confirm their subscription. Make sure you follow our guidelines on How to Land in the Inbox and How to Get More Subscribers to Confirm Their Subscription.

If you’ve followed all the steps above, and your confirmation emails still aren’t being delivered, please open a support ticket with us.

Note: If you have a single opt-in list and your autoresponder emails are not being delivered, make sure you check the settings as noted in #3 above.

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