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This feature allows you to give each list its own information which can be selected when creating a campaign to display in the footer.
This feature, “Identity”, can be found when you click on a list, then on the left under “List Options” you can edit it :
Now after you inserted the Identity of each list and want to send a campaign, you will see the options :
​The options are :
1. User’s Identity Information : This is the account’s main info, which can be found in “Settings…If this option is selected when you send campaign, the campaign’s footer will contain the account’s main info.
2. Each List‘s Individual Identity : It’s each lists own info which can be added in “Identity“…If you select this option, then each list you selected to send the campaign to will receive their own info…Example : Subscribers on list 1 will receive list 1’s identity in the footer of the campaign, Subscribers on list 2 will receive list 2’s identity in the footer of the campaign, Subscribers on list 3 will receive list 3’s identity in the footer of the campaign etc.
PLEASE NOTE : If a subscriber is on more than one list the subscriber will receive the list’s ID on which the subscriber was added first.
3. A List‘s Identity Information :  With this option you can select which list‘s information gets displayed in the campaign footer.

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