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How To Send A Campaign (or Broadcast)


A campaign, sometimes called a broadcast, is an email sent immediately or at a scheduled time to all your subscribers, irrespective of when they subscribed to the list.


A campaign can be used to send a one-time special offer, to promote an upcoming product launch or to give discounts such as on Christmas.


Follow these steps to send out a campaign:


  1. Click on Campaigns to go to the Campaigns tab

  1. Click the ‘Create New Campaign’ button

  1. Enter a name for your campaign. This is for your own reference only – your subscribers would not see this.

  1. Under Recipients, select the list you’d like to send the campaign to. You can select multiple lists to send your campaign to.

  1. Once you’re done, click the “Create Campaign and Edit Campaign Email” button

Then, select ‘From Scratch’ to create your email.

You’re now on the first step of editing your campaign email.

Enter the Sender name you would like to use. This is the name that your subscribers see in the ‘Sender’ column when they receive your email.

We recommend that you use a first name and last name combination (eg. John Doe), preferably the one you use on your website on which the subscriber would have subscribed for easier recognition.

You can also use your brand name (eg. Maya Studios), though this may affect deliverability.

If you’ve already created a confirmation email, we recommend using the same Sender name.

Next, enter the sender email address you’d like to use.

You need to enter your non-free email address as the sender email address, free email addresses from Gmail, Hotmail or AOL will not be allowed.

The email address could be ‘yourname@yourdomain.com’ or ‘newsletter@yourdomain.com’ etc.

If you’ve already created a confirmation email, we recommend using the same Sender name.

Once you’ve done that, click the Next button.

  1. You would now need to write your actual Campaign/ Broadcast email.

Your email can be in HTML or text format or both.

You can include a short blurb of information at the beginning of the email to say why the person is receiving the email, where they signed up for it etc. This helps your subscribers recognize you easily and reduces the chances of them marking the email as spam.

  1. Unsubscription link

Every email will include a footer containing a unsubscribe link, in accordance with CAN-SPAM rules.

Click the Save button.

  1. You’ve now created your first campaign

You can now preview your email by either selecting ‘Preview in browser’, or send yourself a sample email by selecting ‘Preview by email’ and entering your email address.

Note that any unsubscribe or confirm links inside the preview email wouldn’t work, as they are dummy links. The links would work in an actual email.


When you’re done, click the Next button.


  1. You can now schedule when the campaign should be sent.


If you want to send the campaign immediately, select ‘Now’ from the ‘Send’ dropdown menu. Click the ‘Save’ button and your campaign email would be sent to your list immediately.

To schedule the campaign to be sent in the future, select ‘On given date and time’ from the ‘Send’ dropdown menu and set a date and time.

Note that this is affected by the time zone you’ve set in your account. To edit the time zone, click on Settings on the top-right of your account. You can also choose a custom time zone for the given campaign.


Once you’re done, click Save and your campaign will be scheduled.

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