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Displaying a custom thank you page when a subscriber signs up is very useful if you want to give your subscriber a seamless experience on your site, and also display some helpful information.

To set up a custom Thank You page, follow these steps:

1. Click on the Lists tab


2. On the List Browser page, click on your list’s name, and then click on Settings.


3. Under Behaviors, find Subscription.

4. Imnica Mail lets you set a custom confirmation pending and subscription confirmed page.

A confirmation pending page is displayed right after they submit the form and can be used to inform the subscriber about your confirmation email, how they can confirm their subscription and adding your email address to their contacts.

This is only applicable for double opt-in lists. Single opt-in lists display the subscription confirmed page when someone submits the form.

To set this up, Select “Display my own confirmation pending page”. This would show a text field where you would need to enter your URL.

Once they confirm their subscription, you can show them a subscription confirmed page. This page can be used to welcome them to your list, thank them for their time and also provide any downloads they may have signed up for.

To set this up, Select “Display my own subscription confirmed page” . This would show a text field where you would need to enter your URL.

5. Save your settings, and you’re done!



Note: If your thank you page shows a 403 Forbidden error, your host may not support XML data in the URL. To resolve the issue, follow the steps outlined in this article.

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