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If you are running MAC OS then please change the file to Windows format first before starting the import process.

Let’s list out the steps in sequence:

  1. Create the list inside Imnica Mail into which you would like to import your leads.
  2. Create all the required custom fields for the fields you want imported. The Email Address and IP Address are by default created, all other fields like “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Gender”, “Country” etc. needs to be created.
  3. Follow the steps below to import your .csv file :

    1. Click on Lists


    2. Click on the list name where you would like to import your subscribers.


    3. Click on the “Actions” dropdown and select “Add Subscribers”.


    4. Select the import method. (We will be using “File Upload” for this tutorial)


    5. Upload your .csv file and select how your fields are seperated. Then click next.



    • Match all the fields of your file to the custom fields created. (Email and IP address field is already created by default)


    • Select if existing subscriber details needs to be updated if the subscriber exist in file which will be imported.
    • Select whether to send a confirmation email upon import (only for double opt-in lists)
    • Select to trigger auto responder messages upon import (Auto responder messages should already have been created prior to the list import)
    • Then click next

Please follow the above steps for each list you would like to import.

Please Note : If you created a autoresponder series and want to use the subscriber’s email address in the Autoresponder message, you need to use the %Subscriber:EmailAddress% variable from the “Subscriber Information” dropdown.

All the subscriber variables like First Name etc. needs to be selected from the “Subscriber Information” dropdown. Any variable selected from the “User Information” will display your own information.

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