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This is a guide to add a name field to the subscription form.


Step 1

Select “Custom Fields”.


Step 2

Select the “Create Custom Field” tab.


Step 3

1. Fill in the field with the name (example : Name).

2. This text would be display in the text box area.

3. Set the validation section so that your subscribers must use letter or numbers or letters & number etc.

4. The visibility of the field value in the text area can be set so that your subscribers can see the “First Name” text.

5. Check the box if you subscribers have to fill in the field.

6. Click on the “Create Custom Field” button.

Step 4

Go to your list name that you would like to create the Subscription form for and click on the “Create Subscription/Unsubscription Form” button.

Step 5

1. Select the “Options” tab.

Step 6

1. Select all the lists to which your subscribers would be subscribe to.

2. Select the custom field

3.Click the “Apply Settings” button.

4. Click on the “Layout & Preview” tab.


Step 7

1. The First Name field can be dragged above the Email Address field if preferred that way.

2. Click on the “HTML Code” tab.

Step 8

Copy and paste the html code to your website and customize the html code as you want but you must not change the action of the form or the name of form elements.




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