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Giving away a freebie like a short report, or an MP3 recording on a topic your audience is interested in is a great way to build your list.

By building your list, you can send them different offers from time to time, while still sharing quality content in your campaigns.

However, when one of your subscribers buys one of your products, you may want to move them to a different list for buyers where you can send them special discounts and share exclusive content that you don’t share on your freebie list.

Imnica Mail lets you do this with a simple option in your list settings.

Let’s say you have two lists – Freebies & Buyers.

Here’s how you can make sure your buyers are on a different list.

1. Click on the Lists tab and then click your list’s name (Buyers, in our example)

2. Click on Settings

3. Under “When someone subscribers to this list”, find “Unsubscribe them from:” and from the drop down, select the list you want them to be removed from (Freebies, in our example)

4. Select “Display my own confirmation pending page” and insert the URL of your download page. This is the page where your buyer can download the product they just purchased.

5. Click the Create Subscription / Unsubscription Form button at the top

6. When you’ve created your form, copy the HTML code and paste it on a new page on your site

Now, you can redirect your buyers to this new page after they pay and ask them to opt-in to get their download. Once they opt-in, they will be redirected to the download page and removed from the Freebies list.

You can increase the number of confirmed subscribers by making your list single opt-in. When you do that, make sure you insert your download page URL in the “Display my own confirmation success page” setting.

Note: Some buyers may not be too happy having to sign up again to download something they’ve already bought. You can have a link to the download page right below the opt-in form for those who want to download directly without subscribing in. This would bring down the number of subscribers on your buyers list, but it would make sure that only those buyers who are really interested in receiving future offers stay on your list.

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