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Follow these simple steps to insert a confirmation link in your confirmation email:


  1. For HTML Emails
    • Click on the “Personalize” button in the HTML Editor
    • In the menu that appears, roll your mouse over ‘Confirmation Links’, and then click on ‘Opt In Confirmation Link’

  2. For Plain Text Emails
    • Click on the Add personalized content drop down menu
    • Click on ‘Opt In Confirmation Link’ under ‘Confirmation Links’.

Alternatively, you can use the token %Link:Confirm% anywhere in the email to insert a confirmation link.

In HTML emails, you can customize the text that appears for the confirmation link. In text emails, the actual link would be displayed.


Note: The option to insert a confirmation email will only appear when you create a confirmation email for a new list, or edit the confirmation email for an existing list

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