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Imnica Mail has a very useful feature which lets you add a subscriber to two lists with a single opt-in form.

For example, let’s say you’re building different lists for different self improvement topics. So, you may have lists like Motivation, Personality Development Advice, Communication Skills etc.

All of these lists would have their own opt-in forms that you would use on your site.

Now, let’s say you feel that someone who signs up for your Motivation, Personality Development Advice or Communication Skills list might also benefit from daily quotes to get inspiration.

So, you can create a new list – Inspiring Quotes, and set up autoresponder emails with the inspirational quotes you want to share.

Using our multiple subscribe feature, you can sign up subscribers of your other lists to this list automatically.

Assuming that you’ve already created your list, here’s how you can do that:

1. Click on the Lists tab, and then click the name of your list, say Personality Development Advice.


2. Click on Settings

3. Under “When someone subscribers to this list”, find “Subscribe them to:” and from the drop down, select the list you want them to sign up to automatically (Inspiring Quotes in our example).

That’s it! Now, whenever someone subscribers to your Motivation list, they would automatically be subscribed to the other list.

Repeat the same steps for any other lists you may have.

Note: Make sure that the list they sign up to automatically (Inspiring Quotes in our example) is a single opt-in list. If the list is double opt-in, they would not be sent a confirmation email and so, they would not receive any autoresponder emails or campaigns sent to that list.

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