It’s hard to believe that Imnica Mail is just a few weeks away from turning 9 years old!

Even though we have not updated the front-end site in something like 5 years, behind the scenes we have been constantly building and improving.

We thought it was about time we did a complete refresh of everything.

There may still be some updates going on when you read this, and for that, I apologize. We’re working around the clock to get everything migrated, upgraded and sorted for all our amazing clients!

Let’s dive into the changes …

New front-end site

If you have not noticed yet … We have an all new front-end site! 😉

The old site was, well, OLD! It had not been updated in 5 years!

Seeing as we’re weeks away from our 9th birthday, we thought it was about time this old site got a major overhaul!

We’ve focused on keeping everything clean, modern and organized here.

We’re moving ALL support related documents to our support site.

We also moved this actual sales site onto its own dedicated VPS so that IF there are issues with the application, we can still post updates here, as well as on the support site.

New App and Domain

It’s NOT just this sales site that got a complete overhaul though!

We moved the Imnica Mail app from it’s silly /v4/ subdirectory to its standalone domain at

We have added a TON of improvements and new features in the latest version of the app.

The biggest and most powerful new feature is cross-list segmentation.

What this basically is, is the ability to create a single segment that can span 1 to many lists. You could, for instance, create a single segment that has all the openers from ALL your lists!

There is a lot more under the hood and behind the scene updates and we’ll post more on that over the next several days!

What about all the optin forms, etc, pointing to the old /v4/ directory?

We have placed a forwarding config in there and everything will continue to work as is, but, we DO ask that customer change all forms and links to the new app domain.

What about the future?

We are working on a LOT of things …

  • Replacing lists with tags. This sounds scary, but, it is part of our move to marketing automation.
  • Drag and drop email builder. We will do a dedicated post on that with screenshots soon!
  • Multiple signup forms, attached to any list
  • Better signup form builder
  • MUCH better Landing page builder
  • MUCH more!

We’ll keep you updated over the next several weeks as things progress.

For now …

What do YOU think of this new front-end site, AND, the all new app?!