Welcome future partner!

Here at Imnica Mail every customer and every affiliate is a valued partner!

Imnica Mail’s success is 100% dependent on our partners, and as such, we treat every partner with the greatest respect.

By helping our partners become successful, we are only making ourselves more successful at the same time.

So, how does the partnership program work?

When you signup as a customer, or, your signup for the partner program, you are automatically assigned an affiliate ID.

You will then refer any business in need of Email Marketing Service, to our site through your affiliate link.

Each affiliate cookie will be valid for 10 whole years! This means that even if the client does not buy immediately, and comes back later to purchase, you will still be credit with the sale!


If your affiliate id is 101, your affiliate link will look like this:


Once someone joins Imnica Mail through your affiliate link, you will receive 30% commission for the sale!

Recurring Income!

Not only will you receive 30% commission on the initial sale, but, you will continue to receive 30% commission for as long as the customer stays with Imnica Mail!


You refer John to us, and he signs up for our basic account at $26 per month.

You earn $7.80 every month for as long as John remains a customer of Imnica Mail.

Let’s see how this adds up:

After 1 year, you will have earned: $93.60

After 2 years, you will have earned: $187.20

After 3 years, you will have earned: $280.80

That’s only for ONE account, and only on our lowest package!