Happy Birthday Imnica Mail

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Today, exactly 5 years ago, Imnica Mail was “born”.

At the time, many people told me that I was out of my mind to enter such a crowded and competitive market, and, on some level they were right, but, not from a competition perspective, but, a technology perspective.

Wow, the past 5 years has been a massive learning experience. Predominantly on the technology front, but, very much on the business front as well.

We have made monumental mistakes, along with all the small ones along the way as well.

We learned from every single mistake though, and each mistake helped us to grow, and become a better company, providing a better product and service.

We’re far from perfect, and we’re STILL learning every single day. The day we stop learning, and stop improving, is the day we’ll close our doors.

When I started out 5 years ago, it was just me doing everything from coding, to setting up servers, to providing support, etc. I did all of that for over a year! I still don’t know quite how I managed that!

Today, Imnica Mail has a full time staff of 19 amazing people.

We have 3 physical offices … Langebaan, South Africa. Austin, Texas, USA. Illoilo City Philippines.

We also have telecommute staff in other areas of Philippines as well as India.

When we started out, we had 1 small dedicated server that was doing pretty much everything. Today, we have 11 monster servers delivering in excess of 50 million emails every single day.

Over the past year or so, we have been very quiet, but, I assure you that we are still growing strong, adding to our portfolio of products & services, as well as doing a lot of work on infrastructure, etc.

We will be releasing a whole bunch of new features over the next few months which will dramatically improve your ability to communicate with your customers. Most of the work is already done, and we’re just doing final testing.

I sincerely thank everyone of you, our loyal customers, for the support you have given us over the past 5 years, and we cannot wait to serve you for the next 5 years!

With LOTS of appreciation and gratitude,

Richelo Killian,
Founder and CEO

Imnica Mail


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  1. Ingrid du Preez  December 30, 2014



  2. Joel  February 19, 2015

    Congratulations Imnica—

    I have watched and been part of the action as a customer for many years, and I’ve always appreciated the drive you’ve all shown to get the job done. You’ve been helpful to me and those I know (other customers) without fail.

    I wish you the absolute best for the next decade.

    Joel Rensink

  3. Mike Evans  July 28, 2015

    Hey Richello, Thanks so much for sticking in there and providing such a great service for us. I know what you mean about making mistakes as I made a bunch myself. MY biggest lesson is slow and steady. It was great meeting you and your wife at the New York Halloween parade and also glad to see you on the Marketer’s Cruise. Best of luck going forward. Mike Evans


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