How to write subject lines that get opened

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Email marketing continues to be an effective method of marketing online.  But before you can get your email message read, you’ve got to get it opened.  If your open rates are lower than you might like, work on writing better subject lines.

Subject lines of an email are like small headlines.  They have to be compelling enough to get the email opened and content read.  And you have to do it all in just 50 characters.

Here are a couple great types of subject lines that are proven to get read:

Timely:  Mention that the information contained inside is related to a current event, holiday, season or other time based info.  Things to do in Seattle this weekend.

Relevant to the subscriber:  Remind the reader that you’re sending information that they requested or that you know they are interested in because it’s closely related to the reason they subscribed to your list.  Inside: the information you requested on growing tomatoes

Asks a question:  Questions compel people to want to answer them, or know the answers which are likely contained inside the email. Do you make these mistakes in your writing?

Urgency: mention a real urgency of time or number. 24 hour sale begins at midnight

Include Numbers: Subjects with numbers and tips, like a short lesson, are more useful to a reader, so more likely to be read.  5 tips for writing subject lines

Curiosity: Make your reader curious with an interesting questions or by mentioning something absurd.  What do garden gnomes and business travelers have in common?

Fear: Any time you an strike fear in your customer on a topic related to their interest you’re more likely to get your mail message opened.  Does your website pass this test?

Finally, remember your subject line needs to dodge the spam filters, so make sure to avoid using the spammy words and phrases we’ve mentioned in previous articles.



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