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No matter how good Imnica is at ensuring great deliverability rates, and keeping you on the good side of internet service providers, or how your message content stacks up in a spam check…some of your email is going to find it’s way to your reader’s spam folder.  Think of how often this happens to your ordinary email on a regular basis from overzealous spam filters.  It’s bound to happen with your email marketing list.   One key way to increase deliverability for a more effective email campaign is to early on ask your prospect to whitelist you.

The easiest way to prevent your message from being sent to a junk folder is to ask your customer to add you to their whitelist.  If you routinely send information that’s business or financial related, this is more important than ever.  Explain to your customer that because your send information on making money, it’s very likely to get trapped by their spam filters, so add you to their list of safe senders to ensure that your messages get through.

You can do this on the thank you page after they subscribe, in your first few email communications, or a combination of both.  It’s important to do it early on in your relationships with your customer, while they are very interested in receiving messages from you and they are most likely to follow the instructions to whitelist you.

Yes, it’s true.  Not only do you have to ask them to add you to their whitelist, you must tell them how to do it as well.  The easiest way is have a page of instructions on how to do so on the thank you page after they sign up for your list.  Then in the first few emails write something at the top like:

“you’re receiving this email because you signed up for a three week course on ant farming via our website.  Click here to make sure you keep getting the emails.”

With a link to your whitelisting page.  Our next blog entry will be a example of what your whitelisting instructions should look like.



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