Green Monday Email Marketing Ideas

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We’ve all heard of Cyber Monday, but have you heard of Green Monday?

Green Monday is a uniquely online retailer term, coined by eBay in 2007 to describe their best sales day in December, historically the second Monday of the month. In 2009 $854 Million was spent online in the US. In 2010 that number rose to $954 million and is expected to jump over a billion this year. According to Paypal, the second Monday in December was the business online shopping date of the year 2001-2007 (when it was eclipsed by Cyber Monday).

What’s so special about the second Monday of the month?

That day, which falls on the 8th-14th, the last Monday where there are still about 10 days left until Christmas. For traditional holiday shopping, Monday is the day online sales increase due to frustrated shoppers being willing to pay a little extra for an item in shipping costs that they couldn’t find in the stores. Green Monday is special because it’s the last Monday with more than a week before Christmas, so shipping costs from smaller boutique retailers can still be obtained at lower ground rates with gifts arriving on time for the holidays.

Here are three holiday concepts that you can use to increase your online sales on Green Monday.

Herald- While we don’t see many herald angels these days, a herald is an official messenger. The modern equivalent of a herald is, of course, an email broadcast. Most people are unfamiliar with the meaning of Green Monday, so why not send an email letting them know it exists. How many of us would run out to shop on Black Friday if it weren’t for the media telling us to do so? Take this opportunity to educate your customer on their last chance for bargain shipping, and they may reward you by making their first Green Monday purchase with you.

Trim- Not the tree, but your prices. The thing that makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday so irresistible these days are the incredible sales retailers offer. Very often loss leaders, items on sale below cost, are used to entice buyers so they will make more profitable additional purchases. Even Amazon uses this strategy, losing about $3 on every Kindle Fire they sell, hoping that you’ll buy lots of highly profitable ebooks or video content. So while you’re sending an email broadcast about Green Monday, be sure to include an irresistible offer in the mix.

Wrap- With so much emphasis on gift giving, make it easier for your customer to give a gift of your product. Many email marketers sell entirely electronic products, and often see their sales dip during the holiday season. It’s hard to wrap electrons and place them under the tree. Make it easy for your customer to give your electronic product by creating a gift CD or DVD of it if possible, or a fancy printed welcome package. Even a simple color printed letter with product download information can be rolled into a scroll, tied with a festive ribbon, and shipped in a box suitable for wrapping.


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