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By now we have all heard of, and seen images and videos of the terrible destruction in Japan, following the massive earth quake and tsunami.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all people affected by this terrible natural disaster.

We have put our heads together to see if we can make a sizeable contribution to one of the organizations which is helping Japan get back on it’s feet.

We no longer sell 100K lifetime accounts, but, we will put one of these accounts up for auction, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated.

Now, first, let’s be clear about this, we will not receive one single cent of the final bid price. We won’t even receive the money to begin with!

PayPal has teamed up with relief agencies, and PayPal will receive the money directly on their behalf.

You can read about it here:

The winning bidder will pay directly at the URL above.

So, how is this going to work?

Well, in the comments below, place a bid, in British £. Minimum starting bid is £100. On Wednesday, 23 March, we will pick the highest bidder.

The winning bidder will be required to make full payment at the URL listed above, and to send us the payment receipt.

We will then manually create the 100K account, which will be for life, and no additional payments need to be made at any time.

You are of course free to make donations at the URL listed above, and not bid here at all. At the end of the day, it’s about getting money to agencies working with Japan.

Feel free to pass this onto family, friends, and even to your complete mailing lists.


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  1. Kevin Riley  March 16, 2011

    RichelonnFantastic. Thanks. With all the lives affected by this, help like this is much appreciated.

  2. Justin Wheeler  March 16, 2011

    Richelo.. Awesome. Lets start the ball rolling at a very low u00a3200… ON the assumption that I don’t win that will be my donation and depending on cashflow I will come back and drop in a higher bid.

  3. Jeremy Gislason  March 16, 2011

    Hey Richelo, thanks for thinking of Japan and helping out, I’ve got a post about helping Japan also at:

  4. Kieran  March 16, 2011

    I’ll go u00a3250 🙂

  5. Frank Dang  March 16, 2011

    Hey Richelo, thanks for helping out Japan. I just made a donation :)nMy friend, Jonathan Teng, just created a video to show people how to make a donation.nGuys, go here and show some love, my bid is u00a3300 🙂

  6. Ben P  March 23, 2011

    u00a3301 =)

  7. Richelo Killian  March 25, 2011

    Due to SLOW bidding, this auction is extended till Friday 1 April 2011. Highest bid 1st thing on Saturday morning will be sent full instructions on how to get this account.nnAgain, we don’t see a single cent of this money!n

  8. kieran  March 26, 2011

    u00a3400 🙂

  9. Ben P  April 1, 2011


  10. David  April 1, 2011

    david – aff_id=39 – I bid u00a3500.00nnIt’s not quite midnight here in the UK so I hope I am in time to bid? nn

    • Richelo Killian  April 2, 2011

      Thank you very much to everyone’s support on this!nnDavid is the winner her with a bid of u00a3500!nnAWESOME support David!nnPlease go to the PayPal link above, pick your charity, pay your u00a3500, and then send us the receipt. We will convert your existing account to a 10K lifetime as soon as we get your PayPal receipt.

  11. David  April 2, 2011

    From: David – aff_id=39 nnHi Richelo, nnWow, what a fantastic and generous prize! nn100K Lifetime Account can’t even be purchased at ANY price! nnHow special and lucky do you think it makes me feel, to be given the nbenefit of a 100K Lifetime Account, with probably one of the best Email nmanagement systems available anywhere, and just for beating the nclock with a final donation bid? nnAnyway Richelo, enough of me gloating about the benefit I will receive nas a result of your unselfish act to stimulate the provision of support nfor the people of Japan. nnThis is ALL about support for Japan, and in line with your wish to nmaximise the value of the funds provided, going directly to those who nneed it the most, I am in the process of applying for ‘Gift Aid’ status for nthis donation, via “Rotary International” (an approved, registered ncharity already giving support, on the ground in Japan, who do not use nany donated monies to go towards their costs or overheads)nn’Gift Aid’ status should allow the UK H.M. Revenue & Customs to nimprove the original u00a3500.00 (GBP) value pleged by an additional nu00a3140.00 (u00a30.28 for every u00a31 donated). nnfor details, please go to: n nnSo, I will send you the receipt for my payment, as soon as it is paid. nnVery Best Regards,

  12. David  April 4, 2011

    Hi Richelo, n nThe payment has been processed and the good news is that nthanks to ‘Gift Aid’, the total has now gone up to u00a3641.02 (GBP).nnWell done for instigating this.n nRegards,n nFrom: David – aff_id=39


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