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As you may have noticed, our Help Desk now looks very different from how it used to look.

We’re still using the same software from Kayako, but, now we’re using their latest version.

Not only that, but, we’ve moved the Help Desk off our server, and we’re not using Kayako‘s hosted solution.

This means that even if our whole system, with all our servers goes down, you will STILL be able to get to our Help Desk! 😉 NOT that we want it to go down, nor that we are planning for it! 😉

Right now, we’re busy ploughing through all the open tickets, and slowly beginning to make a dent!

With this new Help Desk, we’ve also moved a step closer to live, online support!


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  1. Kevin  March 10, 2011

    Everything I can find about “Imnica Mail Help Desk” and “New Imnica Mail Help Desk” lead me here to this post ( is the URL for “Imnica Mail Help Desk” so I can go and submit a support ticket ??nnThanks, nnKevinn

    • Richelo Killian  March 10, 2011

      Kevin,nnTop right of the main site, or, footer menu inside the Imnica Mail application.nn

      • Ron  March 11, 2011

        Just wondering how far behind you are with the support tickets Richard? I’m still waiting on an issue that I posted over a month ago. Hopefully, we’ll hear from you soon.

  2. Yamahoto  March 14, 2011

    Hey! I really need my ticket # RZL-827598 resolved ASAP.nIt has been 12 days without answer.nn


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