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I better apologize up front because this post is going to be WAY longer than usual. 😉



The state of the Imnica Mail nation is STRONG! 😉

Imnica Mail officially turns 1 today, and we thought we would give you a "state of the nation" of where Imnica Mail came from, what it did over the past year, and where we are heading.

Today, one year ago exactly, Imnica Mail changed from coming soon to come on in. 😉


On 29 July 2009 we sent out the announcement to the waiting list letting them know that we are officially open for business. We were over the moon when we got our 1st customer within 5 minutes of that initial email going out!

Most people watching from the outside thought we were raving mad taking on the big, and long established AutoResponder (Email Service Provider) companies. Many even went as far as to predict that we would fail spectacularly within a couple of months.

It gives us extreme joy to not only prove those nay sayers wrong, but, to actually be thriving in one of the worst economies ever.

We built Imnica Mail because we were frustrated with what was on offer by the other companies.

Even though we don’t YET have ALL the whiz bang features the other guys have, you, the customer have voted by joining us in droves.

As a matter of fact, July 2010 was our BIGGEST month since our start a year ago. Biggest in every possible way!

So, where is Imnica Mail at as a company?

We’re not going to share exact numbers with you, so, stop salivating. 😉

We’re going to share 2 average numbers with you though…

Since our launch…

    • Our net profit has increased on average by 46% month on month.
    • Our customer base has increased on average by 21% month on month.

For people fanatical about numbers like we are, you will know that those numbers are HUGE, ESPECIALLY in a down economy!

Since Imnica Mail launched 1 year ago, we have released 1 major update, and around 12 minor ones. Hopefully that shows you that not only are we here to stay, but, we are not some fly by night as some people thought we were a year ago. 😉

So, is it all moonshine and roses and perfect with Imnica Mail?

Goodness no!

We’ve had growing pains like most companies growing fast!

What are our current "challenges"?

    • Our sending servers are buckling under the load, which is slowing down outgoing mail
    • Our support can be a little slow at times
    • Our documentation is lacking

What are we doing about these "challenges"?

    • We’re busy provisioning quite a few more sending servers. They will start coming into the sending pool over the next week to 2 weeks. We 1st need to "warm up" their IP’s.
    • We’re interviewing for more support staff
    • We’re ramping up documentation production while slowing down new development. Just for a little while! 😉 Getting developers to do documentation is the biggest challenge any company will face. 😉

We DARE our competitors to be THAT open about numbers AND "challenges"!

Right, so, Imnica Mail is doing very well. So, what next?

We have a LOT planned for the next year, and more things in the pipeline than you could ever imagine.

As much as we would love to share our plans and roadmap with you, we cannot do that right at this point. This is for several reasons, but, mostly we just don’t want to show our hand to our competitors. 😉

We can tell you though that as of right now, August is becoming our birthday month!

[frame_left][/frame_left]For the month of August, you will see us run quite a few special offers.

Many for new customers, but, existing customers will NOT be left out, as there is no way we could have come as far as we have without our existing customers!

We will NOT be lowering our prices!

Just wanted to make sure we got that out there! Special offers will NOT be with lower prices. We’ll have longer trial periods, and maybe some other goodies, all starting next week.

For those people wanting to promote Imnica Mail as an Affiliate, there will be special prizes as well during the month of August!

We would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this post below!


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  1. dharma2700  October 15, 2010

    just wanted to give you a heads up on some spelling mistakes you have on the FAQ page..

    you their delivary rate is 100% — delivery
    specializing in reporting deliveray rates — delivery
    Those email address get’s added to a special — addresses get added

    hope tha helps, I am about to become a customer and sometimes spelling mistakes just put people off, so in the eventuality I will be referring many prospects !-) just wanted to get that one out of the way!!!

    see you later


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