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As someone who works in the email delivery business, I make a point of checking my SPAM folder, and reading many of the emails that land up there.

Just like anyone else in this industry, I like to understand why emails end up in the SPAM folder, especially when everything else for the sending company is in perfect order.

It’s a fact that even with a perfect IP reputation, all the authentication protocols in place, and excellent email copy, some email STILL end up in the SPAM folder of services like Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

Having a better understanding of what triggers the SPAM filters in the 1st place, helps us to guide our customers to write better emails, and thus staying out of the SPAM folder.

So, yesterday I was doing my normal SPAM folder scan on our Google Apps account, and was quite bemused when I saw an email from Google in there.

My first thought was that is was some kind of Phising attack.

I opened the email, and double checked the source headers, links, etc, and, sure enough, it WAS from Google!


So, Gmail managed to place their OWN marketing email in the SPAM folder!

What is disturbing is the fact that the email was pretty good as far as marketing messages goes, and there was no 100% obvious trigger, OTHER than the word FREE being in all CAPS.


If a GOOD email like that FROM Google can end up in the Gmail SPAM folder, what chance does outside companies stand with getting to the Gmail Inbox?


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  1. MicheleC  October 22, 2010

    Boy do I feel ya here. My google adsense approval and welcome letter was in my spam folder….I had a kind of creaky good laugh, since i found my approval letter when I mail searched for google adsense after I had reapplied…..I had an approval when I sent in my new application. Google did not like that. Took a few tries to get it worked out. I tiptoe and whisper when it comes to google adsense, lol.
    I’ve been with aweber for 6 months but I am moving here. I like your blog I like the look of your site. and I think it might be easier to use. Maybe. The ten bucks difference is not that big a deal but I have not been happy there.
    I don’t spam my subscribers I hate all the ‘hints and tricks’ to keep people signed up. To heck with that. If they want to go – let them!!! Thats what I say.

  2. MicheleC  October 22, 2010

    I hope you have a good tutorial here. I like the split screen kind of thing I can do with windows media player. so as the tape is going I can do the same on the actual site.


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