How to lose all credibility

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I have been marketing online for many years. Since 1997 to be exact.

I am STILL amazed at just how silly some marketers will get too seemingly make a quick buck.

Take the email message below which I received earlier today.

I have blacked out names and links to protect the "innocent". 😉

Let’s break down the message into what’s good, and what’s bad…

The good:

  • From: Is the marketer’s real name. (Might have been better if had NOT been his real one actually!)

That’s the ONLY good I can say about the message!

The BAD…

  • To: Is NOT my name.
  • Subject is all lower case AND VERY spammy. He might have thought this was cleaver, and will get higher opens. I am sure it does, but, do you really want to trick people into opening your emails?
  • All lowercase content. Again trying to trick me into thinking this is a personal email from him. I’m not stupid, nor is his other subscribers.
  • The link is through a TinyURL. VERY unprofessional.
  • From his name to his address at the bottom of the email, there are 36 blank lines.

I want to spend a little bit of time on this last point…

I know MANY years ago when email marketing was in it’s infancy, some clever person (moron), said that there should be a lot of white space between the last official line of the email, and the address and unsubscription lines.

This was meant to make the content stand out, and make it harder for people to unsubscribe from a list.

This SAME advice is STILL given today!

Let me tell you what REALLY happens when MOST people see that big white space….

  • They automatically assume it’s a spammer.
  • They DON’T click the unsubscribe link WAY at the bottom. They click the "This is spam" button right at the top.

Any Email Service Provider worth anything will monitor SPAM complaints, and accounts which generate too many will be banned.

So, Mr. Marketer who sent me this email…. I would start shopping around for a new ESP right about now. 😉

I followed the link out of interest sake, as I DO know this marketer, and I USED to respect him.

The first thing I am greeted with on the product page is this:

Well, uhm, my grandmother is listed on all those sites!

Why is this As Seen On crap appearing on all the products lately? It’s CRAP, and puts me off completely!

I skimmed through the rest of the product page to see what it was all about…

To me, it just screamed crap, and scam.

Why would this well know marketer, for who I HAD great respect sink to such lows?!


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  1. Andrew  July 17, 2010

    I agree completely. C****y, I mean Michael, definitely did it all wrong.

  2. Admin  November 3, 2010

    I stopped reading his emails a few months before that because they were so dishonest and all gimmicky. It’s a pity, because I did enjoy my interactions with him and his team before that through a product of his that I’d bought as a total newbie.


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