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It has been almost a year in the making, but, the new version of Imnica Mail has FINALLY launched!

Well, actually, it launched a couple of weeks ago, but, we’ve been SO busy with training videos, fixing minor issues, etc, etc, that we’ve just hung back on doing a proper post on the new version along with all the new features.

There has been over 180 improvements and additions to Imnica Mail. Many of them small and under the hood. So, for now, let’s just give you the highlights that are important to you! 😉

Following is the most important changes/additions to Imnica Mail

  • Brand new, SUPER fast, and SUPER easy interface! True quantum leap from where it was!
  • Create segment rules based on subscriber information and/or subscriber activity such as link clicks, email opens, etc. Use these smart segments in your campaigns as recipient lists.
  • A/B Split Test Campaigns. Create A/B split test campaigns, send different versions of your email content and let Imnica Mail select a winner email version for sending to the rest of recipients.
  • Social Sharing. Share your email campaigns on popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
  • Email notifications of new subscribers.
  • Advanced Email Template Builder. Create email templates with only mouse clicks, set editable regions, repeating regions and fill in your email content without breaking up the email template.
  • Full IE8 compatibility.
  • Live Campaign Statistics. Get your campaign statistics in real time during the delivery of your email campaign.

The most work went into this new interface, and now that we have freed up those resources, we can now focus on adding new features and improving exiting ones.

Prices has gone up by 15% across the board for all Imnica Mail packages.

We have added 5K subscriber packages, which is more targeted at the entry level companies/users.

We have added Quarterly packages due to many customer requests for those.

Even though this new version took a LONG time, and a LOT has gone into the development from a time, resources and money perspective, we are not resting now! 😉 We have already added a couple of new features since the original new release, and we will continue to do so! We are working on some VERY exciting new stuff! 😉


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  1. Typhoon  June 23, 2010

    I just signed up imnicamail a week back and I’m really enjoying..It fulfills all my basic needs and I think with more additions of templates and sign up forms we can improve it further.


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