How to integrate Delavo with Imnica Mail

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We use Delavo as our central shopping cart for ALL of Imnica, including Imnica Mail.

We have had many requests from our customers to integrate Delavo with Imnica Mail.

It gives us great pleasure to provide you with this short guide.

You will need to get some information from your Imnica Mail account, and then set it up per package in your Delavo installation.

Let’s first grab the information from Imnica Mail.

Click on the list name in the list screen with which you want to integrate, and then click on Website Integration.

Imnica Mail Website Integration

Generate the subscription code for all the fields you want to have included:

Imnica Mail Subscription form code

Next we step into Delavo for the main setup.

Once you have a “Package” setup, you need to take the following steps:

1. Enable integration

Delavo integration with Imnica Mail

2. Change the URL field to:

Delavo integration with Imnica Mail

3. Change the Parameters field to the following:


ListID and CustomField numbers will be unique for YOUR list, and is obtained from the Form Code you generated on Imnica Mail above.

That’s it! Every time someone buys that package from you, they will automatically be added to the specified list on Imnica mail!


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  1. zack  April 22, 2011

    i am not able to redirect to thank you page using returnbackurl=#{Sale.thankLink} after subscription, can you please suggest how can i achieve this.


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