Imnica Mail Quietly delivers over 1M messages since launch

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Exactly 3 months after our initial QUIET launch, Imnica Mail has sent out it’s 1 millionth message!

Yes, it’s a small milestone for us!

Imnica Mail 1 Million Messages

Imnica Mail 1 Million Messages

Not only have we reached the 1 millionth message milestone, BUT, according to SenderScore, THE authority in email deliverability, Imnica Mail scores 100% deliverability to all ISP’s who take part in the SenderScore program. Now, we HAVE to point out here that the 100% deliverability is ONLY to the ISP’s which takes part in the SenderScore program, and it does NOT take into account messages delivered to the SPAM folder! It ONLY says that all the messages was accepted for delivery, and not rejected.

We are not allowed to show you the scores on here directly, as that would go against the terms of service of SenderScore, BUT, if you click on any of the SenderScore links, it will take you to our results. You will have to register for free to see the full results, but, it only takes 2 minutes, and is 100% free.


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