Imnica Mail’s 1st Affiliate Contest!

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Imnica Mail has been growing at an unbelievable rate! We have honestly been shocked at how well received our service has been!

Our customers are raving about us, and we love it!

From day one, all our customers have automatically been made affiliates, and a couple of days after launching, we opened up the affiliate program to anyone interested in promoting Imnica Mail.

We are hard at work creating affiliate tools, but, many of our affiliates have started promoting already with no affiliate tools from us. Some have created their own banners, some their own articles, some their own blog posts and reviews, and most, their own emails to send to their list.

As most entrepreneurs know, the quickest way to explode a companies growth, is through passionate affiliates.

Our affiliates are already very passionate about Imnica Mail, and promoting like crazy. This is great for Imnica Mail, but, great for those affiliates as well, who earns a recurring 30% commission on every sale they make.

We decided we wanted to reward our amazing affiliates even further by offering them some free stuff.

We toyed around with MANY ideas for prizes, like cash, t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads, and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Eventually we thought….. Why not give these amazing affiliates more of what they already love?!

Why not give them some free use of the Imnica Mail system?!

SO, we have come up with the following prizes, based on number of new subscribers.

Number Of Subscribers Prize
1 1 Month Free Service
5 2 Months Free Service
10 3 Months Free Service
20 4 Months Free Service
50 6 Months Free Service
100 1 Year Free Service
200 Imnica Mail Free for LIFE!

We are going to run the competition for a while to see how well it does, and how well it is received.

Winners will be selected EVERY Monday! If you signup 5 during this week, you will get 2 months free. If you signup another 5 next week, you will get ANOTHER 2 months free.

EVERY affiliate who gets signups during a week, will receive a prize! This is not limited to a drawing or something similar.

There is ONE small catch though! 😉

As we are offering a 14 day trial, you will only be awarded your free time once the new subscriber has paid their 1st full installment!

If you’re not yet an Imnica Mail affiliate, you can signup here now:

Happy promoting!


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